Patriot Ballistics Flak45 .45acp


I came across an oddball load by an outfit called Patriot Ballistics of Analomink, PA called the “Flak45“. Only in .45acp and sort of a backwards Glaser Safety slug with the tiny shot loaded on a gas check underneath the jacekted hollow point projectile. Seems ballistically dubious in terms of potential accuracy / consistency, but who knows… is selling them in 6-packs which is just their sort of product. I cant tell if these small upstarts are being tongue-in-cheek or not with their marketing, but I do know that I have lost count of the number of designs which claim to be “revolutionizing the ammunition industry“, such as Patriot Ballistics does on their Facebook page and website.


Anybody ever heard of Clark Armory? I heard they make this sort of defense round.


Clark Armory is just an online retailer of lead-free ammo, mostly pistol, but some rifle also which is mainly solid copper hollow points and frangibles. You might be thinking of Clark Custom Cartridge of Kentucky, but their load is a purple-tip incendiary starburst sort of load with no shot pellets.


An update for this ammo - Firequest is no longer offering these for sale, and so this brand has no retailer other than their own website it seems. I updated the link above and here are a couple more photos. Patriot Ballistics (can’t believe that brand name wasn’t already taken by someone else) is big on using jars, crates, little foil packets meant for electrical components, and using the flag as a table cloth:



That’s so patriotically kitsch… but at least it’s not spartan helmets and Punisher skulls.

Also, a six count in the Mylar bags??? You’d think they would try to cram another cartridge in there.


The bullet reminds me of the old BBM shot loads where the bullet jacket went out followed by a swarm of shot. I fired some of the 45ACP once and it was pretty interesting. At about 10 yards there was a hole in the target that seemed to be pretty accurate considering and about a 12"-15" pattern of shot.



I had the same results with BBM Shot Loads as did Lew. One single
hole for the jacket, generally in the black, and a nice, round, well-
saturated shot pattern with a decent spread. Best of the breed, in my opinion.

John M.


I think these guys are out of business. I tried a couple of times today to buy a couple of packs and the website would not complete the order.