Patrone 08 box with extra label


The czech 7,9 ammo discussed in another thread was not alone in the lighthouse keepers house. A small quantity of 9 mm was also there and of course it was of czech origin… :-)
The box label was not unusual but the black and white diamond shaped extra label was new to me. Anyone know what it meant?

Box from a friends’ collection. Lot number on the cartridges was (dou) 102 not the 158 printed on the label. I do not know if the contents was switched once upon a time. Boxmaker was grk = H. Pohl in Leipzig, year 1941.


The lettering seems to indicate a Regional Army Ammo depot, which did a lot of “reconditioning” ( repacking, de-clipping, clipping, downgrading etc. of ammo in the late 38-40 period, and this work carried on right thru the war. They usually added an extra label to “reseal” the pack, or stamped their ID letters to indicate the work done.

Someone out there has the Code letters and addresses of the “regional Depots”…they were in the posts about 6 months ago, wrt 7,9 repacks of 35-40 dates ( ammo that was subsequenlty used in Greece etc, and came out of the last big Turkish sale in the early 2000 period).

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The pictured box was repacked and resealed at the Luftmunitionsanstalt (Air Force Ammunition Depot) with the initials Hr. (Höfer?). There was a Luftmunitionsanstalt located at Höfer but I’m not sure if the initials Hr. refer to it.


Both Luftwaffe and Marine flak batteries were placed in the Esbjerg area. Periodically it was as the most heavily flak-defended area outside Germany itself. Around Blåvand there was the Büffel radar site and the associated searchlight, flak and personnel accomodation bunkers and barracks. No wonder Luftwaffe ammo was found there.