Patton Museum 4of4

The curator has told me that the museum’s collection is much bigger than the display itself. It’s like strip-tease, they don’t show you everything.

Love the “sectioned” Panzer. Thanks for all the photos Vlad. Great stuff.


I like it!

Jason’s been looking for something to section - how about a Sherman tank?

I don’t know which strip clubs you go to, but this is the 21st Century. They show EVERYTHING!


Dittos on the thanks for posting these! I was down there 3 years ago with the WWII vets from the 735th Tank Btn to re-dedicate the memorial. Awesome place.

As a side note, The History Channel starts a 10 part series on Patton this Friday. Interesting on it’s own but in the fifth and eight program, they will interview a member of the 735th that I’ve know since childhood. Frank Chambers commanded the Sherman that my dad drove. They were together for the entire war. This will indeed be special.

Excuse my ignorance but where is the museum?

My friend Jim Taylor who died recently had his father’s discharge papers framed on his wall. They were signed by Patton when he was a fairly junior officer.

If they are making a new series on Patton it will be interesting to see how they handle the issues surrounding his death.

Nice pics but I had not heard about the TV series. Nice to know.
A few years ago I was fortunant to meet and become friends with Patton’s Grandson. Most of the General’s stuff is at Fort Knox, in the museum and much is behind closed doors. The family still has some too.

Holy freaking cow! That sectioned tank ROCKS! That wins the coolest sectioned thing so far! They just need to section those 75’s or 76’s inside the tank :-) AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME pics!


Patton Museum is literally next to the American gold reserve in Ft.Knox, Kentucky, right in the middle of a functional tank base. The reserve was placed next to this military installation so it can be well defended.

Excellent photos!!!

They have a couple of sectioned tanks at the British tank museum at Bovingdon. What you have to realise when you look at them is that they are empty and they still look cramped inside.

Fill them up with ammunition, kit etc and see how much room is left inside then.

The original Brit. WW1 tanks also had the engine and all the drive shafts exposed inside. If the men inside operating the two side mounted guns fell over they would probably have ended up getting mashed in all the mechanical bits spinning around inside.

Even then they were better off than the driver who had to look out through a small observation slit. The Germans soon realised the position and significance of this slit and used to direct their fire at it in an attempt to knock out the driver.