Paul Callow

I am sad to inform those who knew him that Paul Callow passed early this morning, just short of his 80th birthday. He was a close friend and mentor and will not be forgotten. The PA Cartridge Collectors show that we ran together for 14 years will continue in his honor.

Jon - I know how close you were to Pual and I send my sympathies for your loss, and that of our hobby as a whole. Paul was a good guy. I will miss his great knowledge and biting humor at St. Louis as I did this year. His contributions to our hobby and knowledge will not be forgotten by those of us that new him. My sympathies to his family.

I will miss the crusty old gent. His family greatly appreciates all the calls, cards, and visits that they and Paul have received since Paul fell ill.

Hi, Jon…About a year ago…I got a call from Paul, concerning Krag cartridges he had for sale, which I happily purchased…sure mean more now and I will treasure them in his memory…knew him for a number of years and was always happy to see him at St Louis…Randy

I first met Paul at a cartridge show some 30 or so years ago and, have been friends with him ever since. A man of Paul’s caliber comes along once in a great while. I will truly miss his ribbing me to eat my greens and, telling me that I don’t know how good a rare piece of steak is. He will be sorely missed. M. Rea

Well, I have not been fortunate enough to meet Paul, but I would like to send my sympathy and condolence to all his family and friends. I have heard Jon speak of him many times since I joined the IAA. If he was a mentor to you guys then I thank him as I have learned allot from many of you that in turn learned from him. It sounds like he was a very special man that I am sure will be missed my many.



Jon, please pass along my condolences to Paul’s family. He was indeed one of the folks I always looked forward to talking with in St. Louis. He was very knowledgeable, of course, but he was reliably also just a very, very pleasant fellow to be around.



Really nice story Pepper!

Paul’s Viewing is Wednesday evening, and the Funeral is Thursday morning, both in Gilbertsville, PA. If anyone needs details please contact me.