No, I’m not a giant - the car belongs to my wife’s friend in Poland and it’s reeaally small.

I live in southern Ontario Canada, about 1 hr east of Detroit and 2-1/2 hrs SW of Toronto (a nice distance from both I might add). I’ve been a shooter all my life, mostly handgun & rifle with a little shotgunning thrown in and I’m interested in anything gun related (okay my wife says obsessed). I enjoy working on and repairing guns as much as making them go bang. By day I design machinery and automation for factory production - mostly automotive.

I’m new to cartridge collecting and have sort of an instant collection. My father has been collecting since his youth in the post WWII days and at 76 he decided to pass the collection on to me a few months ago. I’ve been having a great time organizing and researching what is there but the collection that I thought of all my life as huge (approx. 760 rds), many of the serious collectors would find rather small. After reading many of the posts here I have to say I’m sort of blown away with the breadth and depth of the knowledge of many of the members here. While Dad’s focus was to have 1 cartridge representative of each calibre, I’ve been cataloging all of his extras back into the collection as different headstamps, loads, etc., and until I feel I have significantly added to the collection, I will just be caretaking Dad’s work.

I think the military smallarms ammo interests me the most due to the head stamp codes, as well as the big old elephant and buffalo stompers. Always looking for anything of interest (heck, it’s all interesting to me!!)

Take care,