PC 30 Carbine

I was repacking some WW II 30 carbine ammunition and came across some head-stamped PC which I found out was Peters Cartridge. What I am curious about is if this company was a large supplier of 30 carbine ammunition during WW II. Thanks.

It was although I can’t give you a volume figure I have dates 42, 43. 44 & 4

edited to add the 44 date, which I missed on the 1st look through.

According to the excellent book: History of Modern U.S.Military Small Arms Ammunition, Volume 2 1940-45, by Hackley, Woodin, Scranton, the .30 Carbine cartridges with PC headstamp were manufactured at Kings Mills Ordnance Plant. This plant included a part of the Peters Cartridge Co. plant and therefore PC was used in the headstamp. Total production of .30 Carbine exceeded 790 million rounds.

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Thank you very much.

Below is a picture of a typical Peters (Kings Mill Ordnance Plant) box and a Post-WWII (of course, since the .30 Carbine cartridge did not exist before WWII) PETERS commercial box.

The military cartridges are GM FMJ RN 110 grain bullet, brass case, nickel primer with a purple primer seal (very scant). Headstamp is " P C 4 3 ". the box top indicates that the ammunition was repacked at Evansville Chrysler ammunition plant in July 1944. Unfortunately, the lot number is poorly stamped and illegible.

The commercial cartridges were Peters Index No. 3010. The address information on the back of the commercial box is “PETERS CARTRIDGE DIVISION, Remington Arms Company, Inc., Bridgeport, Connecticut. The back label also contains DUPONT’s trademark. The box is marked in several places for “Kleanbore” priming. Headstamp of the cartridges is " R-P 30 CARBINE.”

John Moss

Many thanks John. My learning curve continues to grow thanks to you and many more on this forum.