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Since a working PC is vital to participation in the Forum, I believe this is an appropriate place to ask this question.

Back in March I was considering replacing my old PC. Because of the bad reports on Windows 8 and the difficulty in finding a new PC with Windows 7, I decided to keep my current PC for a while longer. It has MS XP as the operating system, one that I’m comfortable with and can understand. But, I’ve been told that support of XP will end in early 2014. So, my question - what exactly does that mean? Will I still be able to use XP, only without any updates, or will I be forced to find a new PC with one of the other operating systems, such as Windows 7, or whatever version of Windows 8 Microsoft come up with? Is there any chance that Microsoft may decide to continue supporting XP?

I need advice on what to do in the next 6 months.



Will I still be able to use XP, only without any updates? YES
I seriously doubt that MS will reconsider terminating support for XP.
usatoday.com/story/tech/2012 … c/1736529/

I had the same concerns and went to my local independant computer guru and was told that security updates for Windows XP will be kept up but os updates will not… I needed a new laptop and bought a new one after shopping at several local confuser shops that had a suprising number of new or refurbed (with guarantees) with Win 7 installed. for less than $300 I got a new laptop with a 500 Gig hd and 4 gig of memory . 7 is not much of a transition from XP. 8 seems to be primarily a touch screen designed os. If you shop around there seems to be 7 OS machines available.

The computer I had out in my doghouse was so old even I can’t remember what version of windows it had on it but it still functioned fine for me. As a ‘grey wolf’ you are unlikely to be running the sort of things that are dependent on having the latest software. We leave that to the kids. I wouldn’t worry about it if your PC is still working OK.

Ray–Older versions of MS operating system will work forever, or until your computer crashes and you can’t find your original discs to reload it. But, the problem of NOT updating to at least an OS not more than a couple of versions ago, is support for new devices. If you buy a new printer, or most other devices (scanners, etc.), it most likely won’t run on XP because no one has written drivers for the new device for the older OS’s. Scanners are are a particular problem. Even going from XP to Windows 7 means getting a new scanner. I had a perfectly good older scanner that I could no longer use on Win.7. I still would NOT buy a Win. 8 machine, unless your really into mobile devices with touch screens. If all else fails, buy that fancy new machine with Win. 8, then go online and buy an old copy of Win. 7 and install it.

Thanks guys. All good information.

Right now, I’m inclined to simply bide my time until I’m actually forced to do something drastic (such as a new PC). I’m a very conservative PC user - I don’t do porn, videos, movies, games, gambling - just email, a couple of Forums, and the latest news. My PC and XP should get me by for sometime to come.

Ron, I never considered that the new devices could be a problem, but I have 3 printer - scanner - copier machines right now and they all work with my current set up so that should never be a problem. You may ask, why do I have three?? Well, over the past few years I’ve found that it’s cheaper to buy a new machine at WalMart than it is to buy 2 new ink cartridges, so that is what I have done. Call me crazy but the only problem it has created is finding closet space to store the old ones.

Again, thanks to all.


You could always get a MAC - Can’t bust-em ! & Mr Gates doesn’t update the OS every two weeks by just patching stuff up.

Most was said here already but keep in mind that updated versions of Acrobat Reader (PDF files), flash players and the newer (to come) internet explorers may not work with XP anymore.
That may not sound too problematic but these are security issues and may pose “open doors” in the size of a barn.
So if you like to keep your data and do not want to be faced with a virus infested or hijacked PC you need to switch to a more moderns system.
I did this step some time ago and I am happy with it.
If you feel that your PC skills are not the best and you have Win 7 or 8 seek some advise from friends who can give you a short introduction and after 1 hour (if at all) you will be able to do all you did on your XP system.

Always keep in mind that your PC needs the same defense as you do. I guess nobody would keep his gun under the pillow loaded with WWII made cartridges no? Same goes for PC systems (just the shelf life is shorter).

Just my opinion…

About 2 weeks ago I received a flyer from Dell stating that they had some towers and some laptops with Windows 7 still for sale.

I’ve heard that Microsoft has bowed to the power of its users and will supply a newer WIN8 in December that will be more like WIN7. Keep in mind that Microsoft rarely keeps to its schedules so it probably will be sometime next year. WIN8, like Win ME and Vista, has turned out to be somewhat of a flop for MS and is not well excepted by the users.

Ray, security updates should be supported for a while yet but not changes to the XP operating system. I’m still seeing XP drivers supported my hardware manufactures (MS does not make and support the hardware drivers like printers, scanners, etc). They do supply a MS version for much of the current hardware but most of the time you will get better drivers on the manufacturer’s web sites. Driver support usually diminishes with the newer OS because the hardware manufactures want to sell you their newer models. That’s how they make their money. With XP you are right on the fringes of support for your hardware and software. Although your machine will continue to operate it will be stuck in it’s own time warp.

My personal advice would be to purchase a new machine with WIN7 while you can if you are needing a new PC. There’s more than just hardware and software updates concerns, there’s also replacement parts for your present machine that fail and need replaced. Internal parts have made radical changes in just the past few years.

like it or not, the Internet is a dangerous place, because a lot of “innocent” sites are hijacked by hackers and will try to install malicious software on your PC.
With a Windows 8 that is regularly updated you will be much safer than with XP, provided you also are on the alert to keep browser, PDF reader, Flash player and your Email program up to date. The important thing is that these updates will be available for the Windows 8 software much longer than for Windows 7. Especially if you change Hard- and Software rarely, I consider it prudent to buy a PC that has as many years of future support as possible. That means Windows 8.
I do not like Windows 8 either, but you can use it the way you are accustomed to. I strongly support what EOD said.

Just to remind all who are slow in changing:

Windows XP support (means mainly security sensitive updates!!!) will end on 8 of April! All discussed in this thread before is still valid!

Everybody who loves his data should have switched to a more modern system then. This is nothing of a choice or “maybe” or “well, I shall see”!
If you do not switch before this date you will learn it the hard way (and too late).

The word I’ve hear is that XP support has been extended until April 2015. Possibly because it’s what many businesses and banks use and probably because of the failure of Windows 8 (and 8.1).

All I know is that I’m sticking with XP until the last minute possible. Who knows, MS may see the light and keep XP. Not everyone wants a touch-pad system with a camera, cell phone, and all the other bells and whistles crammed into something the size of a wrist watch.


I am keeping XP myself. Have no intention of changing a good thing.


Actually, Win7 is not bad at all, pretty stable, add free antivirus (Avira or AVG) and free Malwarebytes combined with occasional free Norman Malware Cleaner scan, and you got a very nice machine. Win7 platform is capable of much higher RAM so you can see all my silly posts in a couple of seconds…

[quote=“RayMeketa”]The word I’ve hear is that XP support has been extended until April 2015. Possibly because it’s what many businesses and banks use and probably because of the failure of Windows 8 (and 8.1).

All I know is that I’m sticking with XP until the last minute possible. Who knows, MS may see the light and keep XP. Not everyone wants a touch-pad system with a camera, cell phone, and all the other bells and whistles crammed into something the size of a wrist watch.


Hearing things and going by the facts may be different. Yesterday the MS website said the funeral will be on 8 April.
Maybe you believe MS itself:
microsoft.com/en-us/windows/ … pport.aspx
There thy are also telling what is going to happen.
“Working” XP will not be after that date, no matter how it is doing now.
As said above all safety related update issues will be off like your internet explorers, adobe readers and several others, also all the small tools that make it possible that you can see internet content (not the explorer) will outdate and sowith be off. If not a virus will get you and your data one will simply be unable to see what is going on in the web as the explorer will not show.

Ignoring it is not the cure.

I said all I can now.

I switched to a Mac twelve years ago and still have (and use) my original machine although only to use a very good old Epson scanner, the thing that produces almost all my ‘pictures’ on here.

I’d of happily carried on using it for all functions, as new Apple software was released I waited a few months until any bugs were sorted and installed it on the old G4 machine. What brought this happy time to an end was the increase in content on web site ‘homepages’, the aged processor was taking too long to load them. The only thing I had to replace as it wouldn’t work with the new Mac mini was my wireless mouse, everything else carried on as normal and I even transfer new scans from the old machine to the new via a wireless link.

A PC seems to be a consumer device, with the concomitant built in obsolescence, especially as each generation of software is merely an updating of the previous version. A Mac is more of a professional tool (and sometimes priced as such) but a while back they decided the abandon their original software and to start afresh with OS10 which makes it more reliable and resilient.

You pays yer money and takes yer choice in this as in everything.


I have been working with XP pro for years and will keep on it until the damned stuff dies from natural old age death !!!

I cant bear the fact that Microsoft has been boring us with its “wonderful changes and betterments” in their exploitation system, which are, as a matter of fact, only a way to sell us more and more useless stupidities, just to make money out of the PC community…

To Hell with post-XP horrors, and thanks God it’s still working well enough for what we need…


Stuka, I fully agree that Microsoft is a ruthless dictatorship. Also I am not prasing Microsoft!
I just objected on the safety of (y)our data as the date of XP’s death is predicted already. The problem is that your data has a realistic chance to die too as hackers will prepare (or have already!) to attack these unprotected systems then.

The definition of “what we want” and “what we have to” is very different unfortunately.

Changing in time at a point of your choice is much easier than later on when you are confronted with facts and a stalled system - nobody can avoid changing, who thinks he can fell to an illusion.
So as the change has to happen anyways (no matter if one wants or not - this is no question of a protest behaviour) better you choose the moment rather than others doing that for you (+ loss of data).

Win8 is no big issue guys, don’t be afraid. Get a friend or your kids to help you for an afternoon and even the most unprofessional PC users will get it goig without a problem.

Another article that I read said that mainstream support for Windows 7 will end Jan 1, 2015. So, by switching now you are only delaying the inevitable by 9 months.

Is MS trying to get everyone to switch to Windows 8, or is this just another rumor???

Does anyone out there know exactly what is going on???