PCP polymer cased ammo - new products


Found some links to this company claiming advancements in polymer cased ammo. They list 5.56x45, 6.8SPC, 7.62x51, 338 Lapua and 50 BMG, some with multiple loads including hunting loads.

Specifications are available under license agreement.


They are at Shot Show as well.
thefirearmblog.com/blog/2011 … mmunition/


Looking at the PCP web site, I just have to wonder if this is a reincarnation of the defunct “NATEC Inc” polymer cased ammunition??? The statements as too cartridge weight and other characteristics is almost identical between the two… just wondering.


Seems like every 5 years they close, then reopen, with the same product. But it never really gets to market. I have seen this same ammo dating back to the 70’s. Maybe they are just trolling for dev grants? Or eternal optimists, like the Moller SkyCar.


Polymer technology continues to develop, with more heat-resistant materials becoming available. It seems to work well enough in LSAT. It is therefore possible that the manufacturer’s claims of improvements are valid - but that would of course have to be officially tested and verified.

If it works it could be an interesting game-changer, since it would allow substantial weight savings without the cost of adopting LSAT’s radically different cartridge manufacturing process and different gun mechanisms.


Interesting, they do appear to mimic the Natec marketing. I searched for other ammunition companies in the area and in the same town is also BPS, Boland Production Supply, Winter Haven, FL which manufactures special effects/movie ammunition. Not sure if there is a connection there or not.


I just spoke to the people at PCP. They displayed their ammo at the ShotShow in January, but are not ready to sell it yet. They still have some things to work apparently, but they are also going through all of the hoops of legal reveiws, etc. They said that they are not in anyway associated with the old NATAC effort in this area nor are they part of the Polytech ammunition from about the same vintage. I was impressed that they have done their homework and know about the old Ringdal patents and early work in Norway and much of the subsequent work that was done.

They plan to have their ammunition ready for release before the end of the year.




PS: They also said that they have done the cases in a number of colors besides the tan on their website and the white on the ShotShow link. Some of the colors were to satisfy Special Forces requirements.



I’m impressed that they show a Gatling type minigun on the homepage as if to suggest that they have tamed that type of usage. If their polymer ammo can run through that weapon as well as brass cased ammo, then they have made some serious improvements over Natec.