PDF - Australain Engineer-in-Chief's Intelligence Summary


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Have just uploaded to Scribd in 3 PDF files the following Australian Military Forces Engineers Consolidated Intelligence Summary Nos. 1 -17 published in May 1944. The first PDF is just over 200MB , the second on is just over 100MB and the third one is 55MB in size. I have placed the appedixes into seperate PDF files depending on their length. This is to help keep a uniform size format while viewing each PDF. The Appendix Part 2 though had some extra long fold-outs so one will have to adjust page sizes while viewing.

Here are the links;

scribd.com/doc/61475093/Engi … 7-May-1944

scribd.com/doc/61481595/Appe … 7-May-1944

scribd.com/doc/61484529/Appe … y-Nos-1-17

This engineers manual was produced for use by army engineers in the New Guinea Campaign against the Japanese Forces during WWII. I found it very interesting and can imagine that anyone interested in the New Guinea Campaign would likewise find it of interest.

I tried to attach jpg files of the contents here to show the range of subjects covered but was not able to as the attachment icon would not work for me. Instead you can go to bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/8 … post191189 to view the contents of the PDF.

It has involved a lot of hours scanning and editing the pages to get them just right in the resulting PDF Files. I was fortunate enough to be able to have a loan of this manual along with a heap of others from a collector friend so that I could produce these PDFs and make them avaiable to those that are interested.

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Thank you very much for sharing!


Very interesting, thx for putting stuff like this up, nothing like original documents :-)