PDF Download - RAAF Japanese Bombs & Fuzes


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Have just uploaded to Sribd another PDF file 101MB in size. This time it covers material published by the Royal Australian Air Force for use by their bomb disposal units. Covers Japanese Bombs and Bomb Fuzes. The information contained within is good but the illustrations are not up to scratch. I produced this PDF as the illustrations are different to what I have seen before and the information contained within is excellent especially concerning colour markings and positions etc.

Here is the link:

scribd.com/doc/62038687/RAAF … -and-Fuzes

This material was loaned to me by another collector so that I could produce the PDFs. I have now finished all of the borrowed manuals and will now start on my latest additions to my own collection. The next one will be on Japanese Projectiles.

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Another good item that should be archived somewhere before it vanishes forever.


Thanks a lot for this.

Do you know the dates of the notes/leaflets?


Unfortunately I don’t know the date besides that it is WWII. It came from a ring binder folder of photocopies of I presume parts of the originals. The folder was dumped among other items by the army in one of their clean ups.