PDF Japanese Ammunition - US Navy Bomb Disposal School


Hi to all Japanese Ordnance Collectors,

I have just completed another PDF file. It is 170 MB in size and I had to upload it to Scribd due to size limitation of 100 MB on BOCN.

This is a manual on Japanese Ammunition given to graduates of the US Navy Bomb Disposal School. I have tried to produce a top quality PDF file but was hampered by the fact that I had to work from good quality photocopies rather than an original copy. The illustrations are perfect due to the fact that the photocopier copied in black scale but the photos suffered as gray scale would’ve done them more justice.

Some of the information contained within this document is priceless and hard to find in other documents. For myself I was able to find information on my newly acquired Navy Type 91 Fuze variation with a gear ring for automated setting. This information was not found in any of the other manuals and documents that I have, and I have a heap of them.


This PDF is a must for any collector of Japanese Ordnance. It covers 40mm and above but is not all inclusive but never the less, as already mentioned, contains information which is hard to find elsewhere.

Happy downloading,


Another excellent item for archiving somewhere permanently.


is there any similar document for smaller-caliber ammunition, including smal arms ammo?


Hi mpopenker,

I do have information on small calibre ammunition. The section on Army Ammunition of TM9-1985-5 I have scanned as best I could and produced a pdf file. I have yet to find time to scan the Navy Ammunition section. Here is the link;

scribd.com/doc/51749906/Tm-9 … Ammunition

The most comprehensive publication covering Japanese small calibre ammunition is written by Ken Elks. See if you can get hold of his books. Someone on this forum is bound to know where you can get a copy from.

Just realised that I had overlooked uploading to Scribd, Section B of the Kirkee Japanese Ammunition Leaflets as there is one leaflet on pistol and submachine gun ammunition. I will see if I can get that done this weekend.