PDF Japanese Small Arms & Aircraft Ammunition - Kirkee India


I have just uploaded a PDF file to Scribd of the available leaflets in Section B on Japanese Small Arms & Aircraft Cannon Ammunition up to 25mm with forms part of the Japanese Ammunition Leaflets produced by the British at Kirkee in India during WWII. Unfortunately the individual leaflets detailing 6.5 & 7.7 mm ammunition is missing. Besides that it is a very extensive documentation as is expected from the British.

scribd.com/doc/63834462/Kirk … Ammunition

While on my page on scribd check out my other downloads which includes the other Sections within the Japanese Ammunition Leaflets series produced at Kirkee.



As always… Thank you Sir for sharing :D


How can I download from Scribd without shit registering there ?


Try this.

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BOUGAINVILLE, Thanks for the downloads. One can NEVER have too many publications, though it does tend to make one say on occasion, “Now, I remember seeing that somewhere…”. Thanks again, Bruce.