Peabody Identification

I have been asked by a fellow postgraduate for help in identifying this case.

It was recovered from a dig in Israel in the area of the WWI Palestinian battlefields.

Case length is 60mm so it appears to be a 11.43x60R Peabody (but I am happy to be corrected on this as it is outside my area of knowledge)

Can anyone identify the manufacturer? I have my own thoughts but would like the opinion of others first.


Hi Tony, this is a .577/450 Mantini-Henry Cordite Mk I made in 1900 by B.M.&M.Co. and its headstamp should read “19 B 00 C I”. This is evidently a foreign contract case but I don’t know the customer.

Could it be an Indian contract used later in the Sinai and Palestine campaign? Or more likely a Turkish contract used later in the same conflict?

Interesting Fede!

I of course suspected BMMCo, but I had not thought of .577/.450 Martini, mainly because British military Martini rounds do not have the date in the headstamp.

I find it surprising that there should be a contract using partial British coding like “C I” but also having a date. Do you have any knowledge of live rounds in collections or any documentary evidence of a contract.


Tony, I can’t find a picture but my description says it was loaded with a light orange paper patch bullet (for some reason B.M.&M.Co used this color instead of blue) and that the case neck has a plain cannelure located about 9 mm from case mouth. Both the Mk II (Solid Case) and this one are listed in their c. 1905 catalog and there is also a sample set with a loaded Mk II and five different bullets, including the one for this Cordite Mk I cartridge (check IAA 483 p. 30).

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m assuming that it was not for British service not only because of the dated headstamp style but also because this Cordite Mk I cartridge was not approved until December 1902. There is also a Kynoch loading with a similar style headstamp reading C (lion head) I 1901.