Pederson .276 Rifle and Ammunition, informaiton gathered over a few years

This is information I have gathered over a couple years, and I must admit I know not from whence it came… Only one comment, I wonder what it was like firing this beast, having the “toggle” raise up and block the sight plane, must have been unnerving for the person who fired it the first time.

I also have a smattering of 20 images that are to be scans of a homemade file of information, including three pages from an article in The Gun Report by none other than Frank Wheeler, F. W. Hackley, and W. H. Woodin, and a one page article from the NRA on the cartridge.
I will try to merge them into a .pdf file and post them.
Please excuse any typing mistakes, as I am still sleep starved from the gun show, and the questionable act of dong too much manual labour outside today.
Please enjoy.

First up is the Vickers-Armstrong book on the Pedersen Rifle [.pdf].
I found the colour image of the cover separately from the booklet:

Vickers-Armstrong Handbook of the Pedersen Self-Loading Rifle.pdf (4.7 MB)

A letter from John Pedersen to E.B Porter, along with a sample rifle. I cleaned up enough that it is legible…

Some images of the rounds…
Caliber .276 inch Pedersen, From Left to Right:
F A 29
K.29 .276 (unprimed empty)
K30 .276
K31 .276
B30 0.276 Believed to be poor bunter for Greenwood & Batley.
K31 .276 Proof, purple stripe on head, bullet seated less deep to accommodate extra propellant.

This comparison picture of various cartridges…
Pedersen Cartridges

Not MY boxes of .276 Pedersen ammo…

MY Box of Pedersen Ammo…

A set of pictures of the ‘One Way’ US Pedersen En Bloc Clip…

Two Pedersen Cartridge Patents, 1913 and 1915…
Pedersen Cartridge Patent-1913.pdf (909.6 KB)
Pedersen Cartridge Patent-1915.pdf (1.8 MB)

The drawing of the En Bloc Clip, which is uniform, and I do not remember if this is the Vickers Clip, or a later iteration of the U.S. Clip…
.276 Pedersen 10 Round En Block Clip

A picture with the U.S and Vickers Clips…

ANd last, but not least, a nice clear copy of the action explained…


Thanks for the Vickers book & the other bits. I notice both actual clips are plated when compared to the ones I showed on the other thread

Here’s some of what I’ve gathered over the years, firsly the US Patent drawings in Patent number order;

An article by Peter Labbett on 0.256 inch ammunition printed in the late and much lamented Guns Review magazine here in the UK

A rather rough copy of a different version of the Vickers Handbook;

Vickers-Armstrong Handbook of the Pedersen Self-Loading Rifle.pdf (4.7 MB)

My only British Pedersen clip, this one is numbered with a “3”, but I’ve no idea what the significance of this is;

A US Pedersen clip, this one has a small letter “A” stamped on the base, another mystery;



Wow the stamps are very interesting & thanks muchly for the patents

All are most welcome!

It may take me a bit longer to make the .pdf of the loose scans…

The 1930 Patent drawings of the clip are pretty cool!