PELE - new fragmentation projectiles without explosives

Last year on the Eurosatory in Paris I came across the new projectile system of fragmentation projectiles without explosives. The basic principle is a projectile body filled with an elastic material which will keep it’s density under pressure and sowith rupture the projectile body into shrapnel when hitting a target. It is aquite a stunning development and works obviously with HE-shell bodies as well as with modified APFSDS projectiles and almost with tin cans. Depending on the projectile body being used there is also an AP capability. Even combinations with penetrators are possible.
The patent claim is with GEKE and partially ISL (same guy worked for both companies somehow). Diehl Nuremberg and Rheinmetall seem to have aquired licences and are keeping on in development.
Diehl Nuremberg has a 27x145B which has additionally embedded ball bearings, a 12.7x99 MBG with additional penetrator and also a 20x102 as in the image below (the black cylinder inside the projectile is plastic):

The modified 120mm DM 53 for the MBT gun is already adopted by Finland and Denmark for their Leopards.
Here the patent claim and the Rheinmetall firing results in a zipped file:

Do you understand this concept well enough to desicribe it for folks not comfortable with “downloading” files ?

click on “free” and then enter the code letters and the download starts

I did not mean for me. There are lots of folks who are new to this technology who come here and don’t want to “download” files for various reasons.

Do you understand how this new ordnance technology works ?

I personnally think I do but I’m not the right english speaker for explainig all that.
Have the German patents as well (several different ones), one of them has 101 pages.

What might be the reason for not downloading these files?


Very interesting design and concept! Super interesting! Thanks EOD! Any pics of the 120 MM?

A good AV application will prevent this and staying out of back alleys (e.g., porn sites) reduces the risk enormously.


Lots of folks new to this technology have no idea what you mean and are very reluctant to down load anything for fear of messing up the game. I try not to refer to “download” sites as several folks have mentioned that they are not comfortable with this.

People who are familiar with this technology take all this for granted. Many do not.

Did you download what I have posted? There they are. (no virus there)

Hi EOD. I clicked on the link you provided above and am having a hard time understanding the instructions on how to download it. Do I have to join something 1st? Is it free in the beginning and then start charging after a trial? I would like to see the info but got discombobulated figuring it out. I kinda suck with computers :-)


You click on the “free” section and it stays free.

got it! Thanks, really great info.