Penetrator, Multiball, and Zombie books

I have just received a new batch of books for Pistol Caliber Penetrators, Multiball, and Zombie Madness.

Pistol Caliber Penetrators is up to 378 pages and is very up to date. In this printing I have decided that due to the size of it, it made more sense to have an abridged version done with 200 pages of the important data / historical section where all the color photo pages are, and then include a CD-R with the full pdf file on it. This way you have the handy full size book with well over half of it being color photo pages, and then you can load the pdf on to your computer or tablet to look into the details of the legal section, patents, or media reports section which is all just text. This way also gives you both versions of it for having on a tablet anyway if you prefer it like that. This book is $65

Multiball is up to 131 pages, with 40 color photo pages illustrating very up-to-the-minute info including the tethered Multiple Impact bullet, new calibers from Double Tap’s “Equalizer”, and Lehigh Defense stuff. This book is $45

Zombie Madness is also updated with a few more ammo items, and this color booklet is $20

Some of you I will see at SLICS and I can bring it there to save on shipping. I will also have a pile of free CD-R’s with the updated full version of Pistol Caliber Penetrators to give to those who had previously purchased the book from me over the past 4 years as I feel bad that they have a book so far out of date compared to this one. Two trips to the Woodin Lab have helped me shore up these book in terms of photos & data, and they are virtually complete as far as everything up to current production.