Pepper at the white house ammo related and football


IAA President is a Green Bay Packer veteran and the Packers got to visit with one of the real enemies of Gun AND ammunition ownership at the White House today. On their plate to serve up is the " armory license " proposed under Clinton but dropped due to Monica and the impeachment. This law would require most of us to get a license to collect ammo and to keep detailed RECORDS OF OUR COLLECTIONS , ADDITIONS AND DISPOSITIONS AND APPROVED STORAGE METHODS. Some collectors have many thousands of specimens . Start listing now ! Did Pepper get a chance to straighten out the current one-termer in chief ?


This is not really an appropriate assemblage of a thread topic about ammunition here… Using other member’s names, status, and experiences to suggest political turnover (even passively or in jest) is not appropriate no matter how assumed it might be that some or even most here would agree with it. To certain readers, the suggestion might appear in a way as if to imply that the subject being named were complicit or in agreement with the comments, when they may or may not be. It’s ok to discuss politics as it affects ammunition in general as part of a thread about ammunition, but not ok to suggest a position being held by the IAA or its officers, or any other member for that matter. This will be left up, but locked as an example.