Pepper Burruss hangs it up

If you’ve ever wondered what our own Pepper Burruss has been doing for the past 42 years when not collecting special-purpose ammunition and devices, check this out. Most impressive.


Sounds like he will have 100% time for ammo then! :-)

Go, Pack, Go


from our arch rival-enemy territory !!! :)

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Very cool article Pepper, impressive career.

while I liked my job very much, I experience retirement as one of the most happy periods of my life. The not so funny aspects of getting old notwithstandig. I wish you all the best for your retirement.

Enjoy retirement !! You are going wonder how you had time to do all those things you somehow managed to do.


Now that you are retired, don’t ever let my son wear your Super Bowl rings again. He might run off with them. Keep busy, my friend. I wish you the best, and hope to see lots of information continuing to pour out of your computer.

John Moss

Now you have a lot of time to follow your favorite hobbies: Lawn mowing, snow removal, outside painting, listening to “the boss adding to your honey do list” etc, etc, etc!!!

Thanks for posting this.
Pepper, I wish you nothing but the best my friend.

Great article, but almost nothing cartridge-related!

Well, I’m sure Vic Engel is proud of the quote: “To say Engel appreciates Burruss’ guidance over the last two decades in general and the last few years in particular would be a glaring understatement.” Vic is so sentimental.

My work bio (and one I use for public speaking) has IAA; Past President; displays etc.

When I joined the GBP in 1993 a TV station did a welcome story and it was “cartridge collecting heavy” and I had several leads thru the 90’s 😉

PS. This is a small town and I don’t broadcast much about my collecting as my travel schedule (and address) is public knowledge and I don’t need any “unscheduled visitors”

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Why to go man! Enjoy your retirement!!

Good luck in the future buddy. Hope to see you soon.

Visitors !!! Interesting, and I am sure there is a giant mall not too far away!
And imagine now all the travels abroad loooking for the forbidden colored tips.
Switzerland is still a happy collecting country but till when ? So hurry up Poivre!
Enjoy your family, the house, the garden, the cats, the cars, cocktails and so on.
A bottle of Champagne is waiting for you over here.

Gin ? Chocolate ? Great vistas ? Laughs ? Book it 👍