Pepper's "One day a library of photos" post


I wanted to reply to Pepper’s post on another thread, but thought it better if it were broken out into a separate topic.



As per usual…you can see the “tech guys” are looking out in all of our best interest…thanks…and it’s fun to dream


As webmaster, I have contacted Pepper to ask for some samples to work with on developing the sort of feature discussed above.
While rather difficult to do in the context of “forum” software, it is relatively easy just as part of the basic IAA website. Server capacity for hosting the images for this feature should not be a problem (at least for the first 500 or so… check again after we get there…).
I would propose a table listing each item with the following data in columns (perhaps with the option of sorting by column) and a link (and/or thumbnail) to view the specific cartridge:
Type (AP, Tracer, multiball, etc)
Tip color
Special markings
Approximate date
If Pepper provides 5 or so samples to work with, I will see what I can set up.
The object will be to show the inner workings of different/interesting rounds, not necessarily be all inclusive of every type, or every variation or every caliber.
Specific guidelines will be worked out before soliciting other submissions.


Very, very cool! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Sounds awesome.