Per Pistola M34


A part from a Italian head stamp, are the initials from a inspector.
Is this his signature on the back of the box?



The “Pistola mod.34” was the ordnance cal. 9 corto Beretta M.34 and mr.Leontini, I suppose, was the ammo box owner. I am not sure of this, off course.


Dutch, my friend, these 9mm Corto (.380 Auto) cartridges are from Pirotecnia Bologna. In 1939, the Inspector there was Alfredo Cavalli (Cavalli, Alfredo) and the headstamp on the cartridges in that nice packet should be “C. A. B-39.” I agree with Vittoria that the signature on the back of the package has nothing to do with the manufacture or manufacturer of the ammunition inside. Cavalli was the inspector at Bologna for a number of years.


Many thank’s, both of you for the explanation.