Percussion cap ID


a neighbour of mine bought the percussion cap shown in the photos at a car boot sale.

the “headstamp” harkings are as follows;

312 CR/C 6’44


9-III-M1-3B S

he is wondering;

a) what it came from / was used in (it would seem to be from a cannon shell?).

b) what date it was made? (he’s assuming June 1944 from the markings).

c) which country made it?

d) (probably the most difficult to answer) what is the meaning of the silver coloured item inserted in the “flash hole” end, what the symbols represent and did this item have a purpose or was it just decorative?

I hope someone on here can help with some answers.

Many thanks,


The silver item appears to be Royal Airforce.

The crown is the post-war ‘queens crown’ of Elizabeth II as opposed to the wartime ‘kings crown’.

The bird is the RAF’s albatross symbol.

Crown above albatross is used on buttons, so I would hazard a guess (and it is only a guess) that the silver item is a button from a mess jacket.

The primer was made in Canada in 1944. The “CR/C” is the maker’s mark.The “/C” mean made in Canada, I’m sure someone else could say what the actual company that uses the “CR” was.

This primer was used in the following case types for land service. I am unsure about Naval service.

QF 3.7" Mk I to III (94 x 675R) WW2 AA Gun

QF 3.7" Mk VI (94 x 857R) Postwar experimental AA Gun

QF 77mm and 17 Pounder (76.2 x 583R) Anti-Tank

QF 120mm L1 (120 x 833R) Postwar experimental tank.

QF 25 Pounder (89 x 292R) (Blanks only) Field gun.