Percussion cap identification

During my research on ammunition used in the german wars of unification 1864/66/70-71 I came along a very interesting list allowing identification of percussion caps. Unfortunately the person who uploaded it gave no source and until know I received no reaction on my inquiries. So I would be grateful for any hint on where to find this list (I presume it was taken from some civil-war reference book…?) or one of comparable quality. I won’t post the image here for I don’t know the author/copyright holder etc. but it can be found on (top left “Zündhütchen”) which, by the way, is a very interesting site for anyone interested in 19th cent. pre-metal cartridge ammunition (shows a lot of original pieces, drawings etc.).

Hi Arnern3. I have that information and an updated listing. The originator of the list was the late S. James Gooding in Canada. I have his notes and have continued to update them as new (to us) crown or headstamps emerge. Please PM me and I will arrange to get you an update copy. Please note that all of these are either in my collection or ones the Jim and I have seen.