Percussion caps or primers?

I recently acquired what appear to be either percussion caps or Berdan primers. They have a copper body with no lip and measure 0.160" outside diameter, 0.142" inside diameter and 0.180 in length. These measurements do not match up to any dimensions I can find online or in any of my reference material for either Berdan primers or percussion caps. Can anyone tell me just what I have? This is my first time on the forum and I cannot figure out how to attach the photos I took. Can anyone help me?
Thanks, Larry

Hi Larry,

Your in luck, I just posted on another thread on how to upload pictures to the Forum click on the link below:

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Howdy Larry & welcome
A Berdan primer is not tall as it only has to go to the bottom of the primer pocket allowing the correct space between the anvil & the foil (a protective material for the fulminate) and the anvil.

A percussion cap has to fit down over a nipple far enough so that it is secure and its taper keeps it the correct distance from the nipple.

Cap are often ribbed along the sides and tall. Berdan are for the most part shallow cups & smooth sided

Berdan primers and percussion caps come in a number of different sizes depending on for the most part on the country who manufactured them, and when they manufactured them.