Percussion caps tins

What would the age of these tins with percussion caps be? Any value? Most of them are still sealed.

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Some people definitely collect these. There’s probably more value at a gun show—especially one with a focus on antique guns—than there would be in the cartridge collecting community as these are not extremely rare.

And they would’ve been made sometime after 1926. I’m sure someone else will be able to give you a closer date.

Thank you for your input, Aaron.

The tins marked “Successors To” F. Joyce will definitely be post 1928 when the final take-over of Nobel Industries was completed by ICI and F.3. & F.4. caps were certainly still being sold in 100 & 250 tins in the 1952 catalogue (and probably after that). They would have finished by 1962 as after that it became IMI.
Therefor the two tins on the right of the picture marked “Eley” and carry the Logo IMI will be after 1962 when the take over was started.

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