Perfecta 9mm

I picked up this box of brass-cased, brass-jacketed “Perfecta” 115gr 9mm FMJ at Walmart tonight. Based on internet search results these have been showing up in some Walmarts since late February of this year. I suspected Fiocchi at first due to the emphasis on the F in the title, but the back of the box says distributed by Tulammo USA. Is Tula having Fiocchi or somebody manufacture this in Italy, or is this just another technical reference to components that come from one place or another, or just where they are assembled? I seem to remember having this discussion about modern shotshells which seem to be from Mexico, Spain, Italy, and the U.S. all the same time?

This further led me to wonder if Tula is setting themselves up to be able to get around any forthcoming U.S. embargo on Russian-manufactured commercial ammo imports, since these would be out of Italy, and distributed by “Tulammo USA”? This ammo seems the same as Brassmaxx in any case.

There was a previous thread recently on this same type of ammo in .308:

The lot number, as well as the tray, will indicate what factory’s production line it tumbled off of.

Do these help any?

This ammunition brand is owned and made in Italy by Fiocchi, and as the box says it is distributed by Tulammo USA. In the near future there will be a new shotshell brand called “Suprema”, in this case made in Spain but owned by Tulammo USA.

Yes, lot number is definately Giulio Fiocchi, Lecco; tray is also Fiocchi.

Added lot number picture to my .308 Winchester posting of PERFECTA.