Period of .30 M2 ball box

In which period were boxes like these produced?
(sorry for using a link, but I have no other picture at hand) … 764585.jpg

It’s just about the design with the red stripe and the double-lined frame to me. Other specifications are secondary.

This one turned up recently in Denmark.

The crossed labels say that it was ready-to-use home-stored ammo of the Danish Home Guard.


The color coded labels for US cartons originated in the early 1900s. The colors were modified in 1934 and continued to be used all through WW2. By the war’s end many of the ordnance plants had abandoned the pasted-on labels with color coding in favor of plain labels, or cartons with printed information.


Hi Ray,

thanks a lot for your prompt answer!

You are welcome. That Denver Ordnance Plant carton dates to 1942. If you can find an Ordnance Plant and lot number under the tape on your box, it can probably be dated too.


Yes, removing the tape could help to identify the box much better.
But the box isn’t in good condition, the tape - truely a paper banderole - is glued to it very well and it’s the first Danish box ‘Beredskabsammunition’ based on such US carton I know of.
I’ll leave it as it is.