Personal Protection Systems - 308WIN

I picked these up at a local gun show yesterday. Can anyone provide more information on the loads (and loading company) - I’m assuming the the top is a glaser-like bullet and the lower is an AP-like round. A quick google search provided little information except that the company seemed to be around in the '80’s. What other loads were produced and in what calibers?

hs R.P 308 WIN

casehead is lacquered red, bullet strongly attracts a magnet

Dave S

PPS was a small company run by arron j lippman… who was busted by the batf for class 3 ,aow and other weapons violations and did federal time.

hi-vel made some all copper rounds for pps …called msc,map,mmc,…etc… they were in 25 acp up to 45acp. hi-vel is stll around and sells the 25acp & 32acp all copper rounds.

PPS made very few if any of the items they sold…re-packed bat bullets can be found for example.

The original 25acp msc used a brass bullet and was banned for sale by the ppa in 1986.

pps did goofy stuff like the 9mm map round had a .177 pellet stuffed under a plastic cap and sold as a exotic wonder bullet.

The hp .308 you have I have never seen…but pps did a lot of re-pack type things…and knowing a bit about pps they maybe just a standard .308 load.

The lower ap look to me like a pps re-pack of ABC AP rounds.They should have a grey teflon type coating on the bullet.

All ABC AP pistol rounds I have tested were VERY HOT like close to proof levels…very crazy some of it.The strory maybe the same with the .308 rounds

ABC was a off shoot of cobray and made a LOT of really odd rounds in the late 1970s and early 1980s…they went out of biz only a few years ago.

IMO…PPS service was a clown show but ABC was the real deal as far as exotic rounds made for goverment and other use. I know for a fact of 4 police depts that used ABC AP rounds in the 1980s…they worked.

Blast from the past…still in biz …the VERY last of the 1980s “exotic ammo” makers. … uniti.html

Just a little more info about PPS:

The .25ACP rounds were initially made in brass, which are on ATF’s list of Armor Piercing handgun ammo. The later rounds were made of copper and are not considered AP.

PPS also made .45Colt solid copper HP ammo (MRP-45LC). These came in little clear plastic clam-shell style cases.

Does anyone know what “MRP” stands for?
Any idea of what the correct bullet weight for the MRP .45Colt bullet is? (The .45ACP is 100 grs.).

.25 msc = maxium sub caliber
.25 mmc= maxium major caliber

I for got the other names that PPS made up for the hi-vel bullets.

I have seen the re-pack in the little coffin type clear boxes,plastic bags,plastic bullet holders like the above rounds.

They always came with a letter with a story about the bullets …the letters were on arron lippmans letterhead.

.25ACP 29gr. HP MSC - Maximum Sub-Caliber
.32Auto 40gr. HP MTT - Maximum Thirty-Two
.380Auto 54.5gr. HP MPP - Maximum Pocket Pistol
9x19mm 67gr. HP MAP - Maximum Auto Pistol
.45ACP 100gr. HP MMC - Maximum Major Caliber

.38 Special 38gr. SWC PPS-ZC - “Z-Coat”
.357 Magnum 38gr. SWC PPS-ZC - “Z-Coat”

.45 Colt (?)gr. HP MRP - (MRP=?)

I just went thru my PPS file and found a price list sent to me in March 1993 and lists:

MRP 45 Long Colt. (Maximum Revolver Projectile)

This should answer the question

FORAMMO, thanks for that info!

[quote=“LeonGeisler”]Just a little more info about PPS:

Does anyone know what “MRP” stands for?

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