Personalized settings in the forum?


I know I am poking the hornets nest by asking this but you may blame it on my inability to adapt to new things (and my age). The following question is not meant to be critics!

I can not find the section where I can choose how the postings are appearing. Means I would like to choose the “neswest on top” and also choose some design which is using more margins and clear borders between postings and have like dates on postings in the overview and the full nick-names. The wide screen view like in the old forum would also be nice to choose.
I liked much the design on the old forum (and to what I have observed in almost all other forums I am member of).

The design as it is now makes it hard for me to orientate and overview the whole thing and I even accidentally posted a PM in public and deleted it again when I noticed that I screwed up…
It may be good for young people and smart phone users who put design over functionality but it is a pain for an old man like me.

Any chance to have the settings selectable?

This is not to complain or knowing anything and everything better, it is just to meet my inabilities basing on not being 20 anymore.



If I am seeing it as you do, try highlighting the word latest (see picture) and that “should” I hope list them in that order. You will also see to the right of any topic the word “new” in blue to any topic that has been posted since you were last on the site. Mine has been doing it that way since I first logged on to the new forum layout.

I hope that helps.

Edit:- Forgot to add, that items that are “pinned” by an admin will be at the top of the page (assumes that is where they were pinned of course).



Is there at least a way to get a “normal” full width screen view like in the old forum and any other forum I have visited?




Eightbore, thanks but I meant the view inside a single thread where I would like to see the latest posting on top.



EOD, sorry I got the wrong end of your initial request.



Eightbore, I see you get about 3/4 of a full screen from the screenshot you posted. I only get 1/4 in the middle and it condenses everything like for a smart phone screen format.




I am sorry to say I also find it hard to use, dont have a smart phone also! In my eyes the old layout was head and shoulders above this…So it looks like its going to take some time to get used to it…Paul



I am not so often here but also have difficulties to adapt to the modern smart phone design.





It looks like most of your questions were answered.

As for reply order, just like on our old forum, replies to a post are in the order they were posted. And this is not a setting that we have an option to change.

There are definitely some options to customize something in each person’s preferences section but the basic design is not one of those options.

I think there is an option to allow people to use their own custom CSS Stylesheets so they can tweak the design to their heart’s content but I can’t imagine that there is a single person here who would do that. And 99% will not even know what a CSS Stylesheet is.



Just for the rest of us old guys. A CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet, used in web based designs to separate presentation from content. And although I know what it is, and does, it’s beyond me to code for them.



Hi Aaron
I did not feel that EOD has here asking questions. I think rather that it were comments on the new system, of which I am also not thrilled.
Best regards



Another thing everyone needs to remember is this:

The old forum was broken. We didn’t necessarily switch just for the fun of it.

  • New members could not join.

  • Email alerts did not work so people would not get notified of messages and could not reset their passwords (and many, many people constantly forget their password)

  • It would occasionally crash and be down for days. Sometimes we could recover it other times not (we were on version 3 of the old forum because 2 times it could not be recovered.)

In addition to the brokenness of it:

  • It was very hard to maintain as the setting to moderate and administer everything were complex and not very intuitive. Even approving new members or adding someone to the B/S/T group was hard to do. This in-turn meant that is was pretty much only me doing it. And that is not an issue for me, but for an organization it is a bad idea to have a single point of failure for an important system.

  • We could not upload pictures on the system it was set up for. This made it difficult for many people to use as they would also have to set up a place to host their pictures outside the forum and then link them. Also we ended up with lots of deleted pictures because people would not keep them there forever.

With the new forum all of these issue and more are solved.

  • It is a LOT easier to manage so if for whatever reason I am no longer able to, anyone could fill my shoes.

  • We have a paid subscription for the hosting and maintenance to keep it running smoothly. And if issues arise there is a whole company (the company that created the software) dedicated to fixing it. It is unreasonable to expect that the IAA will alway have someone that is a web applications developer that also is willing to volunteer their time like they have now with me.

  • We have new features such as support for 33 languages which will allow people all over the world to use the forum easier. Imagine if this forum were in Russian and you only spoke English and always had to remember which of “Новая тема” or “Ответить” buttons meant reply or new topic.

  • We also have support for mobile phones (nearly 1/3 of the people who use this forum do it on a mobile device), an email digest for people who do not visit often, the ability to easily upload pictures, and many more things that make it immensely easier than the old forum.

  • The new forum is safer. It uses encryption to login and even for transmitting anything you see on the forum over the internet.

So yes, it is a little different; some settings can be tweaked and have been already, but some things will just be different and there is not much we can do about it other than get used to it and enjoy the community and knowledge that is represented here.


Problems with the new forum

Okay - this form of the forum may have its benefits - for me it is only the second best form.



Thanks Aaron! Good explanation. It is a problem getting old guys like me to change, but I agree with you that we didn’t have much choice. I have lived through the two previous changes brought on by the system crashing. This transition was painless compared to the last two.

I’d remind everyone that the IAA is an entirely volunteer organization. Nobody gets paid for making all this stuff happen. That is why it is free to everyone. If you don’t like it, and can do it better, volunteer to improve it and be part of the solution. If you are like me, and don’t have the skills to improve the Forum, than suck it up and don’t harass those who are spending their own time bringing the Forum to the rest of us!




lets face it: we have to live with the new forum software as it is.

I am afraid most of us, unless professionally associated with IT projects, do not appreciate the exceptional amount of work that goes with migrating the data from a broken complex software to a new one.

The new one definitely has its flaws, but any other would have either. Look at it from Aaron’s view: he has invested literally weeks of work to make the migration possible. And he succeeded!!! No data was lost as far as I can tell. No longer are our passwords sent in clear over the Internet.

Aaron, I raise my hat to your work. You really did a fantastic job.

It is a little unfair when we now lay our displeasure with some features of the new software at Aaron’s doorstep. He is not to blame for the less desirable features of this forum software. I guarantee, any possible alternative also would have its own flaws. We live in a world where software gimmicks like fancy personalized logos are more valued than software functionality (like using the screen space economically). Even if we developed our own forum software, not all of us would like the result.

Aaron now receives all the flak for software flaws which he did not create.