Perspectives of small arms and small arms ammo

I just came across this presentation on perspectives of small arms and small arms ammo at the NDIA conference 2015.
To me it appeared informative. Maybe some of you want to study it too:

I’m interested in this, but all I get is a blank screen. No matter how long I wait for it to come up, it doesn’t, but when I click to get out of it, a big red “PDF” flashes on the screen for less than a second, and then it goes back to the Forum posting.

John, I just sent it to you as an attachment…Ammo File.

Jon = got it. Thanks.


Great briefing with some really good observations. However, in my opinion, he detracts from the overall statement with two minor points: 1) While picturing the “Ma Deuce” MG, he pictures the M15 link from the old M85 .50 MG; 2) he proposes three F22 Raptor aircraft as “tradeoffs” for the small arms improvement program. Budget tradeoffs are way above the briefer’s “pay grade” and will merely alienate part of the audience. Further, I think the Raptor is already out of production, and thus not a line item in future programs that could be legitimately used as a “bill payer.”

Thanks for posting.


Taber, well observed!

To my experience people are often less well informed when it comes to links and which weapon is using what (you say the M85 is old, I guess you rather mean obsolete as the M2 is the older - sorry for the nitpick).
Also many people do not dare to arrange extra images for a presentation and take what ever is available on their hard drives - often taking away from their work by doing this.

As you say the more damaging point is the Raptor statement. Not only because it is politics already but also because, and that is worse in my view, he is citing a project which was finished about 4 years ago.