Peter Labbett Pamphlets

Hi all, I’m chasing Peter Labbetts Ammunition pamphlets, specifically on 5.56 and 7.62 NATO.
I’d love to get any other copies of Peter’s pamphlets too if anyone has copies for sale or in digital format. If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated!
Thank you!


You should try Barbarrosa Books in the UK Great people to deal with, not expensive to ship, took PayPal and they had a number of the P. Labbett Technical Ammunition Guides.

I cannot seem to find them.

Try Barbarossa books instead of Barbarrosa.

I cannot find any of Labbetts stuff on their website.


here is the web site:

Mr Russell Hadler

I have his “snail mail” address also, if that would help.

Good luck,


Perhaps their email might be handy, I did find their website however I cannot find any of P. Labbetts pamphlets on the website.

This is from February, but…

This gent had, may have, some available in the US/Canada:
And in other p[laces:
These two had them listed, might still:

Try Ebay

If you are an ACCA member, they have a number of reproductions for sale.

I’m a member, where can I find them?

In each of the Journals there is a section listing books for sale. They are available in there. I don’t have a copy handy but you may need to contact the person listed to get a current listing.

There’s no result upon checking Barbarossa. As for eBay here are the result that I got, feel free to check the list.

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In searching for books online, often less is more, and Ebay searches need to be focused in my experience. Try a worldwide search in advanced, and just his last name, I see 6 of his pamphlets listed at the moment. Also, be careful buying these, more than once I have seen photo copies being passed off as original.

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