Peters 22 Hornet


Hi everyone

I have this cartridge stamped “Peters 22 Hornet” It has a soft lead point on top of copper. I have read up and saw that Remington purchased Peters in 1934. Does anyone have more information on a estimate time of manufacturing as well as a load maybe? Not sure from when they started stamping “rem umc” instead of Peters. Will attach photos



I believe that the Peters headstamp was used up to around the early to mid 1960’s. Not sure just when for the Hornet. Even after Remington and Peters were together, there were both the REM-UMC and Peters headstamps used. After that, there was the R-P headstamp used for both lines.

I would guess the load is a 45 gr. High Velocity Soft Point #2276 (if not a reload). Check out the Peters catalogs found in the Reference section of the IAA website for possibly more information.



Thank you Dave! Definately not a reload no.