Peters 22 short

Greetings all.
This is my first post here, not really a cartridge collector. Having said that, while searching around my boxes of gun stuff today, I happened along 19 boxes of Peters .22 short. I presumed the labels were part of a “vintage reissue”. After a little research, I think I may be wrong. … 2short.jpg

I think they were made in the 20’s… Does anyone here have any input on this? I originally acquired them in the interest of shooting them, a couple boxes are opened, but full, several unopened boxes with great condition labels, and one seems to be double labeled at the factory.

If I can figure out how to post pictures, I can supply them.

My hope is that someone with more experience than I have can shed some light on this.

Have I stumbled into treasure or simply 950 rounds of 22 short?

Thanks in advance, and greetings to all.


tdaddy762–They are original boxes, not modern remakes. I would not shoot them as they are nice collectable boxes dating from 1926. Here is the page from the 1926 catalog showing your box.

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Thanks for the info. Understanding that all things are priced “to market”, any ideas or input on what they’re worth? … 55_975.jpg … 43_969.jpg … 43_474.jpg

an example of the poorer condition box.

Thanks for the input.