Peters .30-06 Belted Bullet (Sectioned)

Interesting projectile. Was it made to fragment along these cannelures?


No, that’s the Peters Belted Bullet. A compound bullet construction. There is an added “band” that is swaged around the bullet jacket that supposedly controlled expansion. It was difficult and expensive to make and didn’t last too long. I have one that I sectioned and will try to find it to photograph.


Great picture and sectioning job Ray. I have the tattered old Peters sample set pictured below. The intact bullet and the fired bullet are legitimate belted copper jacketed bullets with the nickel belt. I believe the dummy cartridge and the sectioned bullet are replacements, as they are definately not belted bullets.

I think these were advertised/ called as “INNER BELTED” bullets


The Peters “Belted” bullet was the one I showed, having the seperate band swaged on the outside. Remington had a similar idea but avoided the trouble and expense of swaging the band on the outside by simply making the jacket thicker on the inside (made by forming a bulge on the outside of the jacket which was then swaged to the inside) . They called their bullet the "Core-Lokt". Seeing it as an improvement over the outside belt, Peters discontinued their “Belted” bullet, adopting the Remington type but calling it the “Inner Belted”. The Core-Lokt was a Remington standard bearer for many years. Both bullets came in Mushroom (Hollow Point) and Soft Point.

It’s hard to tell from Guy’s photo but I believe the sectioned bullet is either a Core-Lokt or an Inner Belted. I’m not sure what the top one is. We need a better photo or for Guy to take a good look at it and report back.


Here’s a closer shot of the three styles of bullets in the sample set. The lower one obviously is the belted bullet, the middle one appears to be the inner belted, and the upper one - who knows. The cartridge is a Peters dummy, with one small hole in the side of the case and one in the primer; the headstamp is PETERS 30G1906. I don’t recall seeing this type of bullet before, with the round nosed copper capped lead core down inside the the hollow nose of the bullet jacket.

Hello, Vlad, Ray, Guy, etc…If you go to the IAA Home Page, and look at “Peters Cartridge Boxes”, you will see boxes with illustrations of both the “Belted Bullets”…the GM jacket, as Vlad first showed in his photo, and the bullet with tinned “center section”. Of course, they are .30-40 Krag boxes, but .30-06 was the same…Randy

Hey Randy

Thanks for pointing that out. I confess that I didn’t know you had posted that. I guess it pays to visit the Home Page more often.

Thanks for your effort in putting it together.

And tell James “Thank you for your service” from me on this special day.