"PETERS .32 A.C.P." reddish primer seal

Any meaning to this entire primer seal? It stands out in a pile of .32 ACP rounds.

Doesn’t really look like a primer seal, as it is in the headstamp as well. Any chance the round encountered something after loading?

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I thought that way too because the letters were covered in the same stuff. But decided to ask. Better ask than sorry.

I thought maybe something like red rouge jewelers buffing/polishing compound, but I would think it would be in the bullet crimp too. I don’t know! Dan

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Yes Dan it does look like that.

I may be mistaken but it also looks like the tinning has been removed from the bullet jacket as it looks / appears to be tinned in the bullet seating cannelure?

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I cannot tell if it is a reload, but this is something reloaders have done for years to differentiate cartridges, or age, i.e.:powder charge and/or when they were reloaded.

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Anything is possible, but i doubt it. The cartridge pictured appears to have a factory crimp, and I see no signs of case-base expansion or anything else that points to a reload. Of course, I fully realize that this is very difficult to discern with confidence from a photo, even a photo as good as the one posted.

John Moss