Peters 38/40 primed cases


Any Ideas when these were made. The box is sealed. No side labels.

As you can see the box is pretty dirty. Is there any way to clean it up a little without harming it or is it best to leave it “as is”?





An art gum eraser…if you can find one these days!!!..(we draftsmen used to use them regularly to clean up “smudges” on pencil drawings…back in the days before CAD )…works well to clean up the “shelf dirt” on cartridge boxes…yours appears to have “soaked in” stains…but, hey, the label is fairly bright …I’d just leave it alone…Pink Pearl erasers also work well, but…whatever you use in the way of an eraser…rub VERY GENTLY !!



P. S…As to age, I’d take a stab at 1910 to 1925…Some Peters boxes are hard to pin down as to age…



This box dates from between 1895 and 1900. Peters first started to make Metallic cartridges in late 1895 with the boxes showing “Cincinnati, O.” for the address. In 1901 they added “Eastern Branch, 80 Chambers St., New York”.

BTW, the cost for .38-40 Primed Shells was $10.00 per 1000 from 1896 to 1916. In the 1917 catalog the price rose to $18.00 per 1000.


Thanks for all the information. It was a littler older than I thought. I guess after 110 years is has a right to be a little dirty. I’ll just keep it that way and let the next guy worry about it!



If in doubt, leave it.