Peters .45 Auto Highway Patrol

I picked up a box recently that interested me. It is a Peters High Velocity .45 Automatic Highway Patrol. It also states: “These cartridges are adapted to Colt Automatics and Thompson Sub-Machine Guns.”

I’ve got 13 live cartridges in the box. The only thing on the headstamp is Peters 45 A.C.

Does anyone know how I can tell if these cartridges are the right ones for this box? They are copper colored bullets but don’t look special.

Bomar - I assume that your box top is blue with a yellow border, a red stripe containing the Peters “Circle P” trademark and 'HIGH VELOCITY" followed by the “Oval Dupont” trademark, and with white print.

Note that the bullet weight is 173 grains. Take any standard factory hardball round of 230 grain bullet weight and weigh the two rounds against each other. You should get a 50+ grain weight difference.

Further, the ogive of the 173 grain Highway Patrol bullet is much more pointed than that of a normal 230 grain hardball projectile.

These were made primarily for police use, but to my knowledge, the sales were not restricted to police. There are similar loads from other makers - Remington of course, and as I recall, Winchester.

If anyone wants, I can post a picture of the Peters box that I described - I assume it isthe box in question - and perhaps others for the same basic loading. I cannot post any cartridge picture, as I have none of these rounds anymore. Like everything else, simple possession is prohibited in California.

These would penetrate vehicle glass and vehicle body metal, but not armor. Peters called it right in avoiding the often meaningless term “armor piercing” and calling this stuff “metal penetrating.” I think simply the velocity, the ogive, and perhaps a thicker bullet jacket at the nose was the only thing that made it penetrate better. There was not penetrator core like in modern AP and MP loads.

Various boxes for the Peters Highway Patrol .45 Auto loading and their Remington and Western equivalents. Note that the Peters “Highway Patrol” load and the Remington “Highway Master” loads use the same 173-grain pointed bullet. The Western “Super-X Metal Piercing” load retained the 230 grain weight of the normal “hardball” round nose bullet, but had the same point bullet ogive of the Peters and Remington projectiles. The Remington boxes and Western boxes, in each case, have the older label above a newer one. The Western box at the lower right has “BRN/7.10” written on it. That is my hand-writing from probably 40 years ago. I purchased that box at the store I worked at not long after I started there. The “BRN” is the Dealer cost code, which was the words “THIS BRAND X” so our cost for the box was $5.68 and the retail price was $7.10.

John Moss

Thanks for the info…

My box is similar to the top Peters, but has a small red oval with High Velocity … No Dupont trademark on the front…only on the long sides and back.

This is the first like this in my “accumulation”… and I was excited to get it.

I’d post a pic, but not sure how to do so. I’m not a photo bucket or web photo person. Everything is in my computer only.

I’ll get to weighing them tonight. I’ll look around to see if we have any to compare to.

Bomar–Go here for instructions on how to post pictures on the Forum. You can not post pictures directly from your computer to the Forum. It is quite easy. I recommend Photobucket. I have found it the easiest to use and is completly free.

Thanks… I know I had opened an account on photobucket once, but never really got into putting my pics on it… just one that I used for an avatar on a trailcams forum.

Bomar - I would love to see a picture of your .45 box. In fact, for my own files, I would love to see a picture of the whole box - end flaps, sides and back label. If the box is in good condition, and supple - not all dried out or frail - it cqan be flattened and all of that can be done in two pictures. They could be sent to my personal email. I think for the Forum, the top labe showing the differences from my would probably suffice. Either way, I would love to see even a photo of the top. These auto boxes are a major portion of the study my study of auto pistol ammunition.

Give me a few days to get the pic in the forum. I’m a bit tired… doing some bear hunting now so get back in late to eat, etc…

I’ve got a photobucket account… am trying to figure out what I used for my user info… I just put in my e-mail addy to get the info sent to me, but apparently they aren’t that fast.

If I remember tomorrow, I’ll take a pic of the box, sides, etc. and the cartridge.

Here it is:

Very nice box and pictures. Thank you Bomar! If you have not already weighed the cartridge, there is no need to. The ogive of projectile in the round in your picture tells the whole story. It is absolutely the correct cartridge for your box.

Thank you.
Yes, my husband read the responses above and told me it had to be the right one.
I guess in the case of this box, 13 is a lucky number! 13 cartridges that is!

Bomar - your box is earlier than mine. Judging from other boxes from Peters in my collection, the red strip that runs completely across the top label of the box came after the red elongated oval. I will, later, post the front labels and back labels of other Peters .45 boxes of the style of your box. The back labels will show you the progression of the way the Peters name was used as it went from an independent company to a part of Remington and then both went to Dupont.

Thanks, I’d be interested in that.

This picture shows various Peters .45 Auto cartridges boxes of the style of the Highway Patrol Box owned by Bomar. They are shown with the oldest box of the four at the top, in descending order to the newest box of the four at the bottom.

Bottom Picture (Bottom label of the boxes)

In this picture of the back labels of the boxes, shown in the same order top to bottom as that of the previous picture of the top labels, you can see the progression of name use as Peters went from an independent company to part of Remington and then to part of Remington-Dupont. The bottom back label has the same address as the one above it, and was included in the back label photo simply for continuity.

John Moss

Thanks for the progression. I don’t think I’ve seen any just Peters before.

Would you like me to post more pictures of Peters .45 Boxes? I have quite a number more.

Thanks but I’ve got the idea with the above pics. I’ll still keep looking for boxes whenever I go to a gun shop. We’re going tonight and the guy has a bunch of boxes he said he’d offer me a package deal. I’ve got to see what he wants vs what I have (which isn’t much right now). I know there weren’t any fancy boxes but there were calibers I don’t have yet.