Peters .45 shtoshell riot box


Interesting to see how much a nice full box of Peters .45 Riot shotshells goes for these days ($282.00):

This one has one of the best condition labels that I have ever seen on a box of these


That box must have come out of a full crate to be in as nice condition as that. Maybe the seller has more of them and is selling them one box at a time.


great box, likely a Thompson collector / shooter as buyer.


Absolutely spectacular box!!! Just to add some more info to this round. It used #7 1/2 Chilled shot. And, they were not cheap. In the 1926 Peters Catalog,while .44-40 Win. Shot cartridges were selling for $30.00 for Black Powder and $36.00 for Smokeless Powder, the .45 Auto for Thompson Sub-Machine Gun Riot cost $54.00 per 1000. (2000 rounds/case)