Peters box date

Can anyone interpret this Peters box date? 01E Y09S impressed inside end flap.

It’s on a Peters red Target box with “Kleanbore” priming instead of the normal “Rustless” priming on these boxes.

Roger, We do not have the old Peters code but sometime in 1933-1935 or so it appears that Peters adopted the Remington code. I need a lot more Peters boxes to sort out that date. Would love to have early Peters codes and box label photos also.

Anyway your box label is easy. The style indicates it was made from 1962-1968 or so based on Randy Hedeen’s article in the IAA Journal 316. Remington used a code that changed every 6 months and the month code was based on a 6 letter word (as I understand) that cas changed every 6 months so we can’t pin it down beyond which half of the year the code was used.

In your case, “Y” is the 1st half of 1962, on the 9th day of whatever month “S” represents.


Thanks. You’ve confirmed my suspicion that this was an early 1962 box as I thought. There was no child warning on the box so I was a little skeptical about 1962. I was thinking it was either a late 1961 or early (pre-CW) 1962.