Peters box date


I was fortunate enough for someone to give me this Peters cartridge box, complete with cartridges! But I have no idea on how to date them? Can anyone give me some ballpark dates?



I would guesstimate you box as made between 1900 and the mid 1920s. Earlier boxes had a curved or arched company name on the label. Later boxes will tend to be more colorful.


The main IAA website has a section on dating Peters boxes at


Must be nice to have such a clean box with rounds looking like they were made yesterday. Mine are all beat up and corroded. Any idea how it was stored? Sealed or in any special environment?


Thanks all…

GuyH for the dates… JohnS… for the info on boxes (and showing me how dumb I am!! ) I really never thought of looking there!

I cannot remember who/where I got the box of Peters ammo. I seem to recollect that a friend just gave them to me. If that is so, they were probably stored in the back of a shelf in a cold, grimey, damp basement?!?!?! John Moss was kind enough to send me some “Peters” rounds a while back, they may have come from him.

I don’t collect boxes of ammo, just single cartridges, but living near Cincinnati, so I prefer to collect Peters brand. I’ve even visited the old Peters factory in Kings Mills. Most of the buildings and the shot tower are still there.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback… thanks!



Stored in a cold, grimey, damp basement??? I resemble that remark.