Peters brand history


I read that Peters was bought by Remington in 1934. Does that mean that if I see Peters ammo, it had to be made in 1934 or before? Or did Remington continue making stuff under Peters name after 1934?


Ran through my Peters and Remington books and a couple of old catalogs. Can’t find an exact date. But think they used the Peters Hds up until the R-P Hds came out.



The Peters brand name was used up to the mid 1960’s althrough the ammunition was made by Remington after 1934. The old Peters Kings Mill, Ohio plant was used to produce Peters branded ammunition until after WW-II when the machinery was moved to Remingtons plant in Bridgeport, CT. The Peters brand name was gradually phased out starting in 1960. The PETERS and REM-UMC headstamps wer replaced with R - P. By the way, the R - P headstamp was used on production at Bridgeport, CT. R . P was used to identify cartridges made in Remingtons new plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. I beleive this started about 1985.


One of the handiest sources of information about 20th century ammunition makers is Chris Punnet’s outstanding book “.30-06”. Besides being a wealth of information about specific .30-06 cartridges made by (probably) every maker that ever loaded that caliber, it has brief historical background for most makers, and often shows samples of various boxes used with different loads in different periods. The latter is a very helpful feature to help figure out approximate dates for other calibers loaded by a company. I cannot say enough good about this book! (No, Chris did not pay me to praise his book…)


I agree with what John said about the book “30-06”. In fact, it is the first place I turn to when I see a question about a company history on the forum. It was the souce of most of the information I posted above on Peters. I already knew all the facts I posted, but I still checked with Chris’s book to confirm my memory of the dates and facts. If you don’t have this book, get it!! It is very useful for much more than .30-06 information for which it is the “Bible”.

Chris–You can forward a promotional check to John and me. Or better, I’ll take mine in rare .30-06 cartridges.


Funny, I just bought “30-06” a week ago (still waiting to receive it).


John S & Ron,
Thanks for the promo ! As to the royalty checks, they are in the mail ! I sent them to that property in Florida I sold you last year.

I’m working on a book on the 450 Rev. cartridge and have been researching the 60 or so companies that made/marketed it. I’m hoping that the finished book will be similarly useful, above and beyond the 2 other people in the world who collect 450s! Be a few more years before it hits the presses though.


I have enjoyed the banter about the usefulness of Chris Punnett’s book. How true it all is, and applies to many, many others. One must never get into the mind set that a book on a specific subject or caliber is only useful for research in that area. There is so much overlap in the Arms and Ammunition field! Headstamp guides, similarly, can be useful for identifying far more ammunition that just the specific cartridge whose headstamp is pictured. I collect, basically, only auto pistol rounds now, and I still buy every book that comes out on ammunition, unless I see first that it is simply useless to me. Sign me up for the .450 Book, Chris! It is mortifying to buy a book on that caliber, but the company histories will redeem the effort. Heh! Heh!