Peters Catalogs


I have been working on the Peters Cartridge Co. Catalogs recently. The earliest catalog I have is March, 1896. I think this was their first catalog. Peters started in business in 1887. Does anyone have any catalogs, ad’s or other information for Peters that can be dated from 1887 to 1900? Before 1896, Peters produced only shotshells. Metallic cartridge production started in 1896 with 10 calibers of Centerfire and a range of .22 and .32 Rimfires, with the statement “Other Cartridges would be added as soon as possible”.


Peters catalogs must be uncommon. Cornell Publications doesn’t even list any. She has a ton of obscure reprints, but no Peters. Are there any hardcover reference books out there, on the order of Dan Shuey’s or Ray Giles’ Winchester books?


Roundsworth–No, nothing comprehensive. There is one book “Peters & King” by Thomas D. Schifferr. It has a lot of information about the history before the Peters Cartridge Co. starting with 1799 and concentrates on the Powder Industry. It does have a nice list of Copyright dates for logos, cartridge names, etc. and a fairly complete chronology through 2002. Jim Sones did a lot of work on Peters in the 1980’s. Other than that, not much has been published that I am aware of. I believe I probably have the largest collection of Peters catalogs out there, or close to it. I have either a Retail catalog or a Retail Price List or both for about 90% of the years from 1896 to 1980 when Remington quit putting out a Peters catalog.


No help here from that era, but I do have a 1914 catalog from Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett, a Chicago hardware jobber, that has an extensive listing of everything Peters made at that time.


Dennis–I have a Peters 1 Jan. 1914 Retail Price List (no illustrations except Shot Shells), but I would very much like to have the Peters listings from your Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett catalog. Does it also list Remington-UMC cartridges? If so, I could use those pages as well.

If you can help me, I need the Front cover of the Catalog and the Cartridge Listings (any and all companies that they list). Please do them at 150dpi Color. The Color setting for scanning works better for old catalogs, even if they are only black & white. The older paper usually has a yellow cast to it that comes out gray if scanned in B&W or Grayscale. If you scan them to send as email attachments, my email will only accept 10megs per email.


I have the following copies:
Catalog dated:
April 20, 1896 - 5 pages
July 1, 1897 - 4 pages
July 1, 1898 (price list) -7 pages

These are copies of that portion of the original catalog that covered metallic cartridges only.

If you could use them, I would be happy to copy and mail them to you.



w30wcf–Thanks, but I do have complete copies all 3 of those catalogs.