Peters rimfire collectors

I’ve just added a PDF of all our Peters catalog and price sheets. These are Rimfire excerpts only, not the full catalogs and price sheets. There is one item per year, meaning that I don’t have all the catalogs and price sheets that were available for each year. This will give you all a good idea what was available from Peters for each year. I am missing a dozen or so years and would appreciate a copy of any of the missing years (either catalog or price sheet, or both). Just look at the index page for grayed out years for what I still need. Please let me know if you can help with any of the missing years. The index page has direct links to each year. Just click on the blue underlined link to go directly to the year you want to see.

It’s on the main website in the “Catalogs” section.

[color=#FF0000]Warning[/color]: this is close to 22 MB so be patient while it downloads.

Thanks and enjoy another FREE download from 22Box-ID.