Peters Target 20 Gauge


I am a bit stuck with this headstamp as it does not appear in the catalogs. I believe it should have a ‘Made in USA’ stamp in the usual position which would date in post-1930. Otherwise, it should have a full P (1911 - 1930) on the head.

Does anyone have an example of the Peters Target 20 gauge so I can compare them?

Thanks in advance, Mike.

couple of 12 bores work?
those 12’s were spreader loads, came on them first & photographed them so figured I may as well use the photo.
Here are 20’s (one on the left has just an “N” at 0900h bad bunter.

Thanks, that’s what I was after.

The first two and the last headstamp appear in the catalogs but not the third (I’m using this website’s catalogs and 1927 - 1929 are missing). I did wonder if it was a transition headstamp between the full P and the open P ‘Made in USA’ stamp. That would make it a mid/late 1920s headstamp if so.

Your welcome
You have to be very careful using catalogs as often ‘artistic’ license was used in the drawing or perhaps just the same old drawing was used again as a new one wasn’t ready, or?.

Yes ‘artistic license’ does make it difficult. The ‘Made in USA’ stamp appears on some heads in the 1930 and 1931 catalogs, so I’m assuming they wouldn’t change it there if they hadn’t changed the physical item.

They may have had to modify the P design so it didn’t cut through the first letter of the brand name. As in your photo above it can make the name unreadable, especially on the smaller gauges. That was probably not worth changing in their catalogs, especially as it’s the popular 12 gauge most often depicted.