Pewter anti vampire?

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween how effective are pewter bullets on the undead? Pewter is 20% silver so would a 200 gr pewter bullet have the same effect as a pure silver 40 gr bullet?

Pewter is primarily tin, not silver. But regardless, you can’t kill a vampire. They will come back sooner or later. Most of them will be out tonight. The same for the living-dead.

If you were able to kill them the movie industry would shrivel up and die.;)


Ray, you must have some wildcats with “spooky” names. Post a set of halloween specials.


That might make an article for the JOURNAL. I’ll have to look into that.

Here’s the first one I thought of. The gunsmith’s name is Stan Ware, so . . .


If two trick-or-treaters came to your door, dressed as twin ghosts, what would they say to you?

OK, if you think it’s so damn easy, you try it. ;) ;)


If you want to see something REALLY scary, go here: