Peyton and Leonard Powders


From an 1894 article in the New York Times: … 5B8485F0D3

I had never heard of the Peyton and Leonard companies, nor Smith or Weidig. I wonder what happened to them? Probably gobbled up by duPont in the pre-“trust buster” days or run out of business by them. Common practices in the era of the Explosives Manufacturers Trust.

An interesting historical footnote about the early days of the .30-40. (.30 U. S. Army)

Regarding Maxim (H. S., I assume), I wonder what “Student of aerial navigation” means/meant 9 years before the Wright Brothers? Balloons? UFOs? Maybe they meant celestial navigation. Strange there was no mention made of his most famous invention, which occurred only 6 or 7 years earlier.