Philip Morris box full of .38 S&W

This man collected ammo using 1970’s cigarette boxes. Ammo has no headstamps. How did he know that ammo was made in Phoenix?
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“Phoenix” is part of the name of the company that manufactured cartridges, not the location!
See attached bit of info from the old Texas Cartridge Journal, 1986:


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I think he meant they were made by Phoenix. And they look like Merwin, Hulbert & Company rounds. If you show the heads, maybe someone can tell if they are by UMC, AM Met., or Phoenix. I can’t tell!

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Attached is a PDF with a copy of an article written by Dick Salzer in the The Cartridge Collectors Assoc. bulletin, 1985, that discusses the Merwin Hulbert & Co. - Phoenix Metalic Cartridge Co. connection:

Merwin Hulbert & Co. - Phoenix Metalic Cartridge Co…pdf (2.2 MB)

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I’ve seen all kinds of old boxes with a few rounds of ammunition and a label. No proof but I would think the previous owner put the label on so he would know exactly what was in the box.

Yes they do look to be M&H rounds.

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