Philippi, Houston label

A common Winchester box with a side label.
I ask about this company, year of operation and any information.
Shop labels are popular to collect in Australia if Aussie companies.
I do not collect Winchester boxes but it came in a box lot. Ron.
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You Americans will be surprised to know that Texas has a population of around 1200 people. Texas , Queensland, Australia that is.
We do not have a Houston so label must be Texas, USA.
Is there any company information on Philippi or period of operations. Ron.

Hi Ron,

Great box! Yes, it was a US company. Below you can see an ad from 1914:



That’s a good box with or without the overlabel. I don’t recall seeing any Winchester .25 Auto box, of which I have a few, dated like that one is (June 28, 1910), which appears to be an after-thought, but also printed on the label, not rubber-stamped. The date is quite in line with the label-date of 2-9 (February 1909, I am assuming).

Thanks for the pictures!

John Moss

John, here is a nice variation of the 207 2-9 label with a rubber stamp “Pat. June 28, 1910” on the right side:


Great box. What I find surprising is the amount of information they were able to crowd onto that small label.

Incidentally, that June 28, 1910 patent was for an explosive binding agent that was intended to improve ignition while holding the primer compound in place in the primer cup. The patent number is 962,888.

I looked through my collection and found three boxes with this patent date on the labels. None were .25 ACP; they included an odd mix - .38 S&W, .32-40 High Velocity, and .50 Carbine.

Fede and Guy - thanks for the information. I could be wrong, of course, but judging just from the photo, and the letter fonts on the two boxes, the first posted picture appears to have the date actually printed on the label, perhaps after a roll of labels had already been printed without it. The second box from Fede has different font than that on the printed label, and is obviously rubber-stamped.

I see some work coming. Taking all auto pistol box labels (all I collect), I have quite a number of this style box. I will have to check them all for this Patent date.

For me, a very, very interesting thread. Thanks to all.

John Moss

I have two Winchester 25 acp boxes with “Pat. June 25, 1910” stamp.
One of the stamped boxes is the .25 (6.35 m/m) Automatic Rifle Cartridges label box. This box has a interesting stamp on back of box with VOID over the top.
I have 3 versions of that box with photos.


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I believe the dates on my 58 Carbine and 38 S&W boxes may have been rubber stamped. The 32-49 date may have been printed after the original label was printed. The 38 S&W box was one of the Winchester reference room boxes that contained .35 S&W Auto samples, such as draw sets, loaded cartridges and fired cases. Apologies to John for slipping these non-Auto boxes in here.


Guy - no apologies to me. I think these boxes are very interesting, regardless of the caliber of ammo they are for. It is a feature that has totally slipped by me until now. I checked my own boxes in various calibers and had none with the Patent dates as expressed on the boxes shown on this thread. Amazing, out of about 4,000 cartridge boxes, give or take a few hundred.

Thanks for posting the others. Without them, I would not know that the date stamp was not exclusive to auto pistol-caliber boxes.

John Moss