Philippine 9 mm Parabellum by Tactical Edge

This is one of several Philippine ammunition brands that showed up in recent years. Most of them are using Armscor made cases with different contract headstamps made for other countries, like RAI 08 9MM LUGER and BM 08 9MM LUGER seen in this box, both made for Thai companies (Royal Ammunition and Bullet Master). Other Armscor made headstamps typically found are TOP BRASS, A USA and AP with various dates.

They are also offering other calibers under this brand, including 12 ga. shotshells and 7.62x39.


Fede - where are they selling this - I mean, what country? I just check Tactical Edge Firearms website, and they sell ammo, but listed nothing under their own brand name. I would like to get a box.

John, this is a different “Tactical Edge” brand that is only sold in the Philippines.

Fede - what a bummer. I need both of those headstamps. I will have to see if my friend their can buy a box, reduce some of them to empty unprimed cases, and send them to me.