Philippino "Multishock" .38spl ammo

Has anyone heard or seen of a cartridge from the Philippines circa early 2000’s called a “Multishock”? Apparently it was a .38spl (among other calibers) which could deliver 10 projectiles, which sounds similar to the earlier “Onslaught” cartridge which fired a stack of lightweight lead discs. This Multishock would have existed in a time frame near the end of when the Armscor Strike-3 was being imported into the U.S. from Armscor, but I have no idea if one has anything to do with the other. I have also seen other scant bits of information online describing the projectile more like a Quik-shok bullet whereas it would fragment into 3 or 4 pieces upon penetration. The inventors name is mentioned as Rodolfo Arambulo, and the vague references I have found online mostly originate from the Philippines and usually hail the “invention” as a revolutionary bullet which is the most effective ever, and which doubles the power of a bullet, etc… Regardless of the design specifics mentioned the reports always claim that it as the first of it’s kind, which is false whether it is a multi-projectile, or a quik-shok type of projectile.

Hi Matt, the Multishock cartridge was patented in 1998 by Rodolfo O. Arambulo, Jr. of Calamba, Laguna, Philippines. It was loaded with a bullet combining a chemical liquid (paint, poison or the like), safety slug and multiple slug.



Matt, sorry, the one I showed above is not the original Multishock. The first design was patented by his father in 1994 and looks like this:

Thanks Fede! I now wonder if these were like so many other projectile patents in that they never saw commercial production and were just an idea on paper, with a few experimentals made?

Matt, I found pictures of the packaging of these cartridges in revolver and pistol calibers. They were taken at a Phillippine gunshop during 2013. Regards, Fede.

Awesome, Thanks! I am guessing this company saw what Armscor had done with the “Strike-3”, and since Armscor has seemingly ceased production of that, this outfit sought to fill the vacuum (if there was one).