Phillipines .43 Spanish Remington


My first time here so hope this works. A friend gave me this cartridge a couple of years ago. It appears to be a 45 cal. I would guess in the vicinity of 400 grain lead bullet. Appears to be the size of a 45-70 or 2.1 I think it is a steel case (it is attracted to magnet) Any help in I.D. would be much appreciated.


Looks like a handmade .43 Spanish Remington produced in the Phillipines. Measurements please?


Length of Brass (steel)
including rim 2.245

Length of Brass (steel)
not including rim 2.150

O.D. at neck .468-.470

O.D. at base .518
just ahead of rim

middle of case O.D. .497
Rim diam. .6515


Thanks. Yes, that’s what it is. There are several variations of this philipine cartridges including some even headstamped M N CEBU.


Don’t know about the M N part of the headstamp, but Cebu is one of the main islands in the Visayas, (the Cenrtal Philippines)…



Thanks a lot for the info! Were the steel cases such as this commong? Actually I have never seen a steel spiral wrapped before, but am new to this.